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Music from moments of memories. Timeless words with a voice so clear and full of life. A voice that makes one pause on the way from one destination to another between the here and the there, rising together up high, reaching the hearts of the Berlin street audiance. 

Liad grew up in a small village in northern Israel. At the age of 23 he went traveling around the world with his backpack and guitar, busking and preforming in diffrent places. After a year of traveling, in the summer of 2014, Liad found his way to the streets of Berlin. In these bustling streets with his guitar and small amp, Liad began to grow musicially and to bulid his career as a professional Musician. In 2015 he realsed his first ep "Memories", a self recorded production in cooperation with other musicians.

During 2015 Liad begun to perform in different venues all over Germany and throughout Europe, while continuing to write new materials. By the beginning of 2017, he will release his second EP production "Growing old" produced by Trevor Bahnson and Matteo Pavesi. A folky production with simple, touching melodies telling stories from his life. Stories from nowadays as well as from the past, coming back to life.  

©.Carmiella Bernstein 

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